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A Time to Reap, Royal Court

Anna WakulikDirected by Caroline Steinbeis★★★★ Pros: This is a sensitive, honest story about a woman, her friend, his father and the impact of the changing political landscape of Poland through the nineties. Cons: The play deals with issues involving Catholicism and abortion which some may find difficult to remain impassive about. It gets tough towards the end and left me feeling exhausted.Our Verdict: Wakulik possesses a special quality in her writing and this play has an ingenuous beauty that humanises a controversial and complex topic. This ...

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Making Dickie Happy, Tristan Bates Theatre

Jeremy KingstonDirected by Robert Gillespie★★★★ Pros: Some fantastic performances and a sharp, witty script. Cons: The beginning of the second act lagged a bit but got back on track by the end. Our Verdict: A really excellent new work with a cast and script which work together to provide an entertaining and interesting insight into the private lives of some great storytellers.  Courtesy of Tristan Bates The last time I visited the Tristan Bates, the space was grunged up and ...

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In the Kingdom of the Blind, Network Theatre

Brian McMahon, Charlie Howitt and Kit Spink. Directed by Andrea Brooks, Tracy Collier, Steve Hudson, Zois Pigadas, Jason Warren★★ Pros: Strong performance by Kit Spink who delivers an absorbing monologue during the play. Cons: The play jumps around from main plot to subplot, without any structure. It is not clear why the three characters have shunned modern life to sit shivering in a tent with a small ration of jaffa cakes.Our Verdict: Lack of clear purpose lets the play down. ...

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I’m Just Like Magda Goebbels, Camden People’s Theatre

Sara Kewly Directed by Jane Packman ★★★ Pros: A most fascinating subject matter presented by a charming performer. Cons: Considering I didn’t know much about this fascinating subject, I would have liked a bit more information than what this show provides. Our Verdict: In terms of interesting women in history, you can’t get much better than this – a true story about a beautiful Nazi supporter who murders her own children in Hitler’s bunker. Courtesy of Wonder Arts Company It is interesting ...

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Mydidae, Trafalgar Studios

Jack Thorne Directed by Vicky Jones ★★★★ Pros: An insightful, funny and real look at a couple’s relationship and intimacy. Brilliantly honest performances from the two actors. Cons: The darker aspects of the relationship were less convincing. In particular, the action two-thirds of the way through and the characters’ reactions to it felt misjudged. Our Verdict: A play that went from moments of genius to moments that didn’t really work, but I’m still thinking about it. Credit: Simon Annand Before coming to ...

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SUS, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Barrie Keefe Directed by Paul Tomlinson ★★★★ Pros: This is a politically relevant play that forces you to sit up and listen. The intensity and quality of the performances blur fiction and reality. Cons: This piece is incredibly stressful to watch and requires a good deal of emotional commitment from its audience. Our Verdict: An important piece of theatre performed by committed actors. This piece affirms the reflective and provocative nature of theatre and the important impact this has on ...

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Lifgosh: To Meet, New Diorama Theatre

5 Kilo Sugar Gur JorenThe Lights Turn Upon MeOded LiphshitzSt George’s DayGeorgina Burns★★★ Pros: As this was a scripted read-through, it was a fantastic opportunity to hear some talented actors and the nuances of their voices. Cons: Occasionally, the shows didn’t read very well. The scripts were not always polished. Our Verdict: As a cultural event this show is enjoyable and while the plays are ok, they was hard to critique as they are scripted read-throughs. However, the voice acting is very strong ...

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The Forest And The Field, Ovalhouse Theatre

Chris Goode & Company ★★★★★ Pros: A truly original show with a provocative, original script, beautiful singing and creative dancing. Not all of the actors are human which makes this show extra special. Cons: If you’re looking for a fluffy show designed purely for entertainment purposes then steer clear of this one. This is deeply immersive theatre that asks you to really think about your life and your place in the world. Our Verdict: A stunning piece of immersive theatre ...

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Surprises, Watford Palace Theatre

Written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn★★★ Pros: Strong performances, engaging characters and some good old-fashioned human drama played out in an unusual setting. Cons: The show attempts to ask, but then fails to address, questions about the future of mankind in the setting of technological development, which leaves you asking why Ayckbourn felt the need to set it when he did. Our Verdict: A talented cast fill this play with interesting characters and some fascinating drama unfurls. Shame about the ...

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Facts, Finborough Theatre

Arthur MilnerDirected by Caitlin McLeod★★★★ Pros: A strong and well written script with some great acting. Cons: The beginning of the play throws you in the deep end where you might not understand the history and background of the situation. Our Verdict: A solid script which portrays a complex geopolitical issue with simplicity, strongly supported by a great cast and effective directing. Courtesy of The Finborough Theatre An Israeli interrogation room served as the base for this play, written by ...

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