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Never Rains but it Pours, Theatre 503

Alison Carr
Directed by Tom Latter


Pros: Three excellent performances from a very talented cast.

Cons: It would have been nice to see a better resolution to the story – an additional ten minutes would have only pushed the show over the hour mark.

Our Verdict: A strongly written script supported by three fantastic actors who portray the characters’ complicated lives with a good balance of sensibility.

Courtesy of Theatre 503

Alison Carr’s script is very British in the sense that it’s about the weather. And not just any weather but the annual floods thousands of homes across the UK are subjected to annually. It is raining heavily and Meredith, Lyn and Cari have taken shelter in their attic. While they wait for the authorities to send rescue, they watch as their home and all their possessions are destroyed by the rainwater that is also threatening to destroy their lives. They banter and bicker and, as the water level is rising, secrets that have been kept quiet for 15 years are slowly revealed.

The three performers portray the intense emotional relationships in this humorous script effortlessly and allow the audience a glimpse into their complicated lives. It felt very natural that this major and somewhat tragic event would have been dealt with by the majority of families in this way, with a sense of humour and forgiveness and love! I thought Kathryn Beaumont’s performance was particularly impressive, delicately balancing Lyn’s quick wit with her loving yet complicated relationship with both Meredith and Cari. It is a shame that a script was being used by one of the actresses but from what I overheard I don’t think their rehearsal period was longer than a few days and thinking back on the show, I had to remind myself that it was there at all.

The set was impressive, giving the feel of an uninsulated and beamed attic space with bags and boxes chucked up there. The lights were also simple yet effective and the space had been excellently utilised.

I don’t often say this as I prefer a play with no interval, but I was left wanting more. While the play was well paced and didn’t feel rushed, I couldn’t help but feel a desire to see it through right to the end and watch as Meredith, Lyn and Cari were taken to safety by a helicopter – although how that would have been done on this stage is a question I can’t answer.

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Never Rains But It Pours runs again at Theatre 503 on the 14th and 16th March
Box Office: 020 7978 7040 or book online at http://theatre503.com/book-online/

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