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Who is Noskov?, Theatro Technis

Five plays written by George NoskovDirected by George Eugeniou Grey Foam: ★★Turkey: ★★★ Pros: The opening and closing scenes of an empty stage with voices coming through the speakers were poignant and an excellent idea which both enthralled the audience at the beginning and caused them to leave thinking. Cons: Sadly the space, a thrust black box theatre and stage, was not used very well by either the actors or the director. The venue seemed just too big for the ...

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Riot Night, The Old Frizzle

Hugh JanesDirected by Robert Young★★★ Pros: Some nice performances, particularly from Alex Williams. Fantastic idea for a show. Cons: Never quite becomes totally immersive. Sometimes feels a little overdone. Our Verdict: An important production which is likely to become more subtle and immersive as the run progresses. Worth making a detour to see! Riot Night, 12-15 November 2012 This is the second production I’ve seen recently dealing with last year’s London Riots, but I must confess that I am not ...

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The Seagull, Southwark Playhouse

Anton Chekhov in a new version by Anya ReissDirected by Russell Bolam★★★★ Pros: A dazzling cast of talented, dynamic actors with some excellent scriptwriting from a future legend (you heard it here first!). Also, the ice-cream served at the interval is worth the ticket price alone. Cons: I struggled with the first few scenes. This had more to do with the actors slowly getting into their roles than any issue with the script. Not a big deal, however, as the ...

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The Trojan Women, Gate Theatre

Caroline Bird, After EuripidesDirected by Christopher Haydon★★★★★ Pros: An excellent and original reworking of the Greek text with stellar performances and an exceptional design. Cons: Sight-lines are a little tricky, but blockages can be avoided by arriving early to claim front seats. Our Verdict: An all-around wonderful production featuring a spectacular script, cast, design, and message. Courtesy of the Gate Theatre Several years ago I worked in the sound-booth for my university’s production of The Trojan Women, so while I ...

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The Atheist, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Ronan NooneDirected by Hugh Ross★★★ Pros: An interesting insight into a world that is written, created and manipulated by the media from the perspective of one overly self-aware journalist. Cons: While this one man performance is impressive, there could have been better differentiation between the female characters. The slight predictability of the plot made the end points of acts less impactful than they should have been. Our Verdict: A compelling story of relevance well-told. However, the one man characterisation of ...

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NSFW, Royal Court

Lucy KirkwoodDirected by Simon Godwin★★★★★ Pros: Fantastically funny and flawlessly acted by a brilliant cast – a really entertaining production. Plenty of depth in the themes explored and lots of things to think and talk about afterwards. Cons: It is only 80 minutes long with no interval, but it’s so good that I wanted a second act! Our Verdict: This play is like a page-turner book you just can’t put down. It’s like the witty conversation on the media that ...

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Opposition, Ovalhouse Theatre

Written and Performed by Hannah Silva ★★★★ Pros: A political satire which works remarkably well on many different levels. A brilliant performance from a dynamic young artist. Cons: The sound effects and the music occasionally drown out the words. This is particularly bad during an important speech at the end. Our Verdict: This is abstract theatre for people who don’t like abstract theatre (as well as those who do, of course). A unique, funny, incredibly clever one-woman show from a ...

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Our Country’s Good, Watford Palace Theatre

everything theatre originally reviewed this production at the Watford Palace Theatre. It will return to London from 30th January – 9th March 2013 at the St James Theatre: http://www.stjamestheatre.co.uk/events/our-countrys-good/Timberlake WertenbakerDirected by Max Stafford-Clark★★★★ Pros: Great ensemble production with a fabulous cast, and a message that remains incredibly important. Cons: Parts of the script remain tricky in places. Our Verdict: A very good production with an excellent cast that will make you feel good about the very fact you’re in a ...

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Bones, Tristan Bates Theatre

Jane UptonDirected by Angharad Jones & Laura Ford★★★★ Pros: An excellent performance and script complimented by a well-designed set. Cons: The fast-paced script was occasionally hard-to-follow, and the subject matter is not for the faint hearted. Our Verdict: A disturbing but overwhelmingly engrossing and worthwhile production. Courtesy of Fifth Word If you’ve ever seen a grisly car accident on the side of the road but been guiltily unable to peel your eyes away, prepare for a similar experience when viewing ...

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