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Blow Out!, Etcetera Theatre

Kaye ConwayDirected by Jennifer Tang★★ Pros: Some very dynamic performances and a handful of genuinely funny moments. Cons: The humour and drama of the piece failed to sync well together, so it felt segmented and was rather slow at points. Our Verdict: Blow Out! features some genuinely talented and enjoyable performers, but it is not a very cohesive or consistently entertaining production. Courtesy of FizzBang! Productions When the first thing that happens to you upon entering a theatre is an ...

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Sight is the Sense that Dying People Tend to Lose First, Battersea Arts Centre

Written and Directed by Tim Etchells★★★ Pros: A well delivered monologue with an interesting concept behind it. Cons: The occasional slip breaks the reverie. Our Verdict: Worth the detour if you fancy something a bit different. Courtesy of the BAC It was lovely seeing the Battersea Arts Centre buzzing with activity on a Friday night. The entire building was being used not only for performances, but also for book readings and exhibitions. They even had a pop-up bar serving ‘recession ...

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People Like Us / Happy Never After, Pleasance Islington

People Like UsJake BrungerDirected by Kirsty Patrick Ward★★★★ Happy Never AfterHannah RodgerDirected by Luke Sheppard★★★★ Pros: Good quality, clean cut shows featuring excellent performances across the board and very good designs. Cons: A couple of issues, one being the age of the cast, but generally no complaints. Our Verdict: A great way to spend an evening – excellent quality unpretentious theatre, well worth the ticket price. Happy Never After, credit: Jonny Bosworth I like to think that I have a ...

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I Stand Corrected, Ovalhouse Theatre

Created and performed by Mojisola Adebayo and Mamela Nyamza★★★★★ Pros: An unforgettable love story beautifully told through music, dance, storytelling and stand-up. Cons: There are no cons. This is a must-see. Our Verdict: A brave and beautiful theatrical triumph starring two phenomenally talented young women. This is theatre as it should be. Courtesy of the Ovalhouse Gay rights remain a very serious and contentious issue throughout most of Africa today. It is estimated that approximately thirty-eight African countries continue to ...

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Freedom, Books, Flowers, and The Moon, Waterloo East Theatre

Sarah PitardDirected by Cat Robey★★★★ Pros: A dedicated adaptation of Wilde’s fairy tales for children. A perfectly sized production for the space in question. Cons: A slightly (only slightly) dragged out second half. Also, some interactions seemed a tiny bit deliberate and unrealistic. Our Verdict: A well thought-out and penetrating adaptation of two of Wilde’s best loved shorts. A nice venue as well, with a relaxed crowd and very professional front-of-house staff. A real rose among the thorns in terms ...

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The Effect, National Theatre

Lucy PrebbleDirected by Rupert Goold★★★★ Pros: Excellent performances, a beautiful, clinical design and a script that proves Prebble isn’t a one trick pony. Cons: Prebble clearly has an opinion about the issues involved, and consequently it can feel more like a lecture than an exploration in places. Our Verdict: Another excellent Cottesloe production from the NT and Headlong. Definitely worth seeing for the emotional journeys, even if you have no interest in the topic of mental illness and neuroscience. Credit: ...

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In Extremis, King’s Head Theatre

Neil BartlettDirected by Caroline Devlin★★★ Pros: An interesting script from a great playwright with two very charming lead performances. Cons: Some hard-core Wilde fans may have a few issues with the casting. Our Verdict: Although this is a clever, insightful script delivered beautifully by two talented actors, I didn’t feel like I was looking at Oscar Wilde. The play is still very enjoyable, however, and well worth the ticket price. Courtesy of Kean Productions On 24th March 1895, a week ...

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The Cat’s Mother, The Courtyard

Pericles SnowdonDirected by Natalie Scott and Joseph Thorpe★★★ Pros: An interesting idea, with some good collaborative work by this group of young women, who are working hard to increase the presence of women on the stage. Cons: The script, while strong in places, needed more active development by the directors and the performances suffer as a result of this. Our Verdict: Not going to go down in history as one of the greatest pieces of theatre ever created, but an ...

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The Upstairs Room, King’s Head Theatre

David K. O’HaraDirected by James Savin★★ Pros: There’s a good bit of humour layered into pretty heavy context (the apocalyptic demise of London). Excellent accent work by Anthony Cozens. Cons: Many plot and character strands are rather ambiguously introduced and re-referenced, but never sufficiently brought together; this could be meant as a cleaver, artsy device, but I found unsatisfying. Our Verdict: An intelligently crafted piece of writing, direction and performance which is perhaps too heady for the stage. Credit: Juliana ...

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Carbon Dating, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Ron ElishaDirected by John Fricker★★★ Pros: A well-polished production featuring quick-wit and down-to-earth sketches from the frontlines of first dates. Cons: Low stakes and a weak point of view create a sketch comedy feel, so the show lacks real weight. Our Verdict: A less-than-ground breaking but appreciatively light-hearted rom-com that will absolutely entertain but won’t linger on conscience. Credit: Mark Bowsher If you loved the 2009 film, He’s Just Not That Into You or other similar romantic-comedies, OutFox Productions and ...

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