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Podcast: An Interview with Co-Opera Co.

A Podcast Interview with Kate Flowers, Artistic Director, Co-Opera Co.


Kate Flowers is the Artistic Director of the Co-Opera Co.

Kate Flowers is the Artistic Director of the Co-Opera Co.

Our latest blogcast interview has a slightly different flavour to it – we’re venturing out of our comfort zone into the world of Opera! As always, our sincere thanks goes to Kate for taking the time to speak to us.

For those of you who don’t know much about Opera (like us…), this is a very insightful interview which we’re sure will encourage you to at least give it a try; we’re certainly going to. Kate’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious, so grab your bottle of wine and / or gin* and have a listen – you never know, you may find out that Opera is your thing!

In more detail, find out:

  • What Co-Opera Co. does, and how it helps budding young Opera talents.
  • What Kate has to say to people who perceive Opera to be stuffy and ‘upper-class’.
  • How a bottle of wine and a night in Dublin lead to the formation of this exciting company!

Our Thoughts:
Let’s be honest, we’ve never really given Opera a fighting chance. We’re probably as guilty as most: in the past we’ve tended to think of it as being stuffy and boring. In reality, we’ve never actually been to see a good Opera, and having spoken to Kate we can’t help but feel rather excited about our impending to trip to see the Co-Opera Co’s performances later this month.

The other thing to mention is our admiration for this small company who clearly make a big difference to those who participate in their productions. They have no public funding; it’s all run on passion, drive and direct box office takings. Truly admirable stuff – they deserve support, so why not give Opera a shot?

For information about Co-Opera Co’s current productions of Don Giovanni, Hansel & Gretel and The Magic Flute, visit http://www.co-opera-co.org/html/productions.html


As always, comments are welcome!

Visit the Co-Opera Co’s website for more information about their current programme: http://www.co-opera-co.org/

* Always drink responsibly. We don’t recommend a whole bottle of gin unless it’s shared.

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