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Everything Fringe: Ovalhouse Theatre

A blogcast interview with Rachel Briscoe, Director of Theatre, Ovalhouse Theatre

oval house theatre logoWe are of course extremely grateful to Rachel for taking time out of her schedule to speak to us in this fourth blogcast interview as part of the Everything Fringe Initiative.

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So as always, grab your tipple of choice, settle down on the sofa, turn off the football and listen to Rachel telling us what makes the Ovalhouse so special!

In more detail, find out:

  • What the Ovalhouse’s artistic policy of ‘Stories told Sideways’ means.
  • Why the River Effra causes them all sorts of problems!
  • What the future has in store for the Ovalhouse, including a new ability to commission their own work thanks to the Arts Council.

Our Thoughts
The two productions we’ve seen at the Ovalhouse (God/Head and The Well and Badly Loved) have been very different to the stuff we normally see. They’ve been risky, but both have been extremely good. Having chatted to Rachel, one of the things that came out most strongly is that their approach to fringe theatre is about genuine creative freedom; freedom to do what they as artists want to do with their own work. This freedom is what makes it an innovative and interesting venue. Now that they can commission their own work, we suspect that things will only get better for them.

The Ovalhouse is the sort of venue that defines fringe theatre for us – it’s genuinely groundbreaking stuff, different, risky and adventurous. If you haven’t been, then you should make it a priority!


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Visit the Ovalhouse website for more information about their current programme: http://www.ovalhouse.com/

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