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Everything Fringe: New Diorama Theatre

A Blogcast Interview with David Byrne, Artistic Director, New Diorama Theatre

New Diorama BAnnerWe are very grateful to David for spending some time with us over the weekend to take part in the first of our Everything Fringe Initiative Blogcasts!

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So grab a cup of tea, or a glass of wine (or gin), and have a listen to an exclusive interview with the Artistic Director of one of the most interesting fringe venues in London!

In more detail, find out:

  • Why the New Diorama is where it is, tucked away in Euston’s answer to Canary Wharf!
  • An interesting and previously little known fact about the venue, involving the Disabled Toilet.
  • What this exciting new venue’s ethos us, how it programmes it’s shows and what it’s plans are for the future.

Our Thoughts
There is something about this venue that we can’t help but love. Maybe it’s its truly bizarre location, maybe it’s the fact that it’s only a couple of years old, or maybe it’s because on the two occasions we’ve been there we’ve seen something genuinely very good and very interesting (Scooter Thomas and The Dark Room).

One thing is clear though – this is a venue with (hopefully!) a very bright future under David’s eye as they expand, open new rehearsal spaces and possibly even a explore the idea of opening a venue in Edinburgh….


As always, comments are welcome!

Visit the New Diorama website for more information about their current programme: http://newdiorama.com/

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