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No Way Out, White Bear Theatre – Review

Jean-Paul SartreDirected by Felix Schaaf and Tom van der Klugt★★★ Pros: A very clever premise, and a surprisingly humorous take on Hell! Cons: Do not see this while there’s football on in the pub. Just. Don’t. Our verdict: Lively, well acted and interesting! Courtesy of White Bear Theatre The idea behind the play is a clever and modern take on Hell. Three souls arrive in the Inferno only to find the fires are not present – instead they are in ...

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Othello, White Bear Theatre

William Shakespeare Directed by Emily Morrison ★★★★ Pros: Gorgeous costumes, inspired direction and world class acting. Cons: Not much to report here. A few of the actors didn’t quite hold my attention but this is only a minor dent in a truly dazzling show. Our Verdict: A stunning feat of wholly engaging entertainment with highly creative directing and two astonishing central performances. This came dangerously close to a 5 star review. Courtesy of Emanate Theatre Company Whoever calls the shots at the ...

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