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Othello, National Theatre – Review

William Shakespeare Directed by Nicholas Hytner ★★★★ Pros: One of the clearest productions of Othello I have seen. Had the whole audience on the edge of their seat for the whole 3 hours and 15 minutes. Cons: Rory Kinnear plays Iago with an accent that doesn’t sit well for some reason. Our Verdict: Shakespeare’s finest characters played by Britain’s finest actors and helmed by one of theatre’s finest directors. Courtesy of The Independent We at Everything Theatre have seen quite ...

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Othello, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

This production of Othello was previously reviewed by everything theatre during it’s short run at the White Bear Theatre. This second review was written independently of the first by a different member of our reviewing team. William Shakespeare Directed by Emily Morrison ★★★★ Pros: Using a small theatre space well, this production shows the depth of all the characters and adds more than a little extra to any other performance I have ever seen of Othello. Cons: One or two ...

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Othello, White Bear Theatre

William Shakespeare Directed by Emily Morrison ★★★★ Pros: Gorgeous costumes, inspired direction and world class acting. Cons: Not much to report here. A few of the actors didn’t quite hold my attention but this is only a minor dent in a truly dazzling show. Our Verdict: A stunning feat of wholly engaging entertainment with highly creative directing and two astonishing central performances. This came dangerously close to a 5 star review. Courtesy of Emanate Theatre Company Whoever calls the shots at the ...

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Othello, The CLF Art Café

William Shakespeare Directed by Anthony Green ★★★ Pros: The modernization of this production of Othello makes the verse and story clearer and more comprehensible in its relevancy to current affairs. Cons: The theatre was freezing to the point of distraction. Our Verdict: This is a sharp and sleek production which lends thought to those serving in present day wars. While the performances are, for the most part, impressively robust, the production lacked a certain insight. Courtesy of Othello Peckham A black ...

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Ring of Envy, Intermission Youth Theatre

Written and directed by Darren Raymond★★  Pros: A great performance space, talented young performers and a company that has a truly applaudable mission. Cons: Poor choices made in mixing Shakespearian language with contemporary expression made it hard to keep up, resulting in the feeling that the production was unpolished and lazy; an interesting set design in theory turned out to be a hassle for viewing. Our Verdict: An overall inconsistent, lackluster attempt to update Shakespeare’s complex and intriguing Othello. Courtesy ...

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Othello, Shakespeare’s Globe

William ShakespeareRemixed by The Q Brothers★★★★★ Pros: A very strong and entertaining modernisation of a Shakespeare classic. Cons: The tragedy loses something in translation. Shakespeare’s original text is overwritten – not for purists. Our Verdict: A must-see, if nothing else to see a version of Othello quite unlike you have ever witnessed, or ever will again. Image courtesy of The Arts Desk Shakespeare’s Globe couldn’t have timed their Globe to Globe initiative any better. Coinciding with the World Shakespeare Festival, ...

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