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Interview: Chloe Nelkin on Positivity and where we go from here

I think one of the things we will learn from this nightmare is the power of the people involved in the arts community Chloé Nelkin Consulting has been a leading name in the world of theatre PR since it was founded in 2010. A decade on and it’s a name that anyone involved in theatre is likely to have come across, having worked with countless shows and some of the best fringe venues in London. And right now, with theatreland ...

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She Writes: What’s Through the Door, Canal Café Theatre – Review

Presented by 17% in association with Canal Café TheatreDirected by Amy Clare Tasker ★★★★ Loosing Light by Whoop ‘n ‘Wail The Audition by Sam Hall The Fourth Circle by Hehir  Pros: Three plays in one, each delightful and mysterious. The pieces are beautifully and intelligently connected by an overarching narrative. Cons: I think this piece could have benefited from more playing space. It could do with a bigger theatre where the central and integral set piece, a green door, could be ...

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