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ear for eye, Royal Court Theatre – Review

debbie tucker green
Writer/ Director

Merle Hensel

Paule Constable
Lighting Designer

Christopher Shutt
Sound Designer

Vicki Manderson
Movement Director

Deepa Shastri
Deaf Consultant

Jamal Ajala
Tosin Cole
Seroca Davis
George Eggay
Demetri Goritsas
Michelle Greenidge
Eric Kofi Abrefa
Lashana Lynch
Hayden McLean
Kayla Meikle
Shaniqua Okwok
Nicholas Pinnock
Sarah Quist
Anita Reynolds
Faz Singhateh
Angela Wynter

Pros: Excellent performances from all concerned. Cons: The fragmented style of the dialogue.  Ominous music pervades the auditorium as you enter, and the stage is filled by an opaque screen which resembles a giant TV. Shadowy figures walk up to the screen and look out at the audience before disappearing into the murky background. The piece is just over two hours, without interval, consisting of three distinct parts. Part one is a series of vignettes where most of the 16 strong ...

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hang, Royal Court Theatre – Review

Credit: Everything Theatre

Pros: 70 minutes of faultless acting and impeccable design, with heart-wrenching writing to boot. Cons: If you’re looking for current affairs or a satirical view on capital punishment, this is not the play to find it Debbie Tucker Green and I have history: a fleeting four weeks, the existence of which is nothing to her but has marked me for life. This was my first term at drama school, in all its daunting and built up glory, and we set upon our ...

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