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Submit a Script for inclusion within our Scripts Spotlight series.

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We welcome script submissions for our Scripts Spotlight series from both established and emerging playwrights. To submit a script, please email scripts.spotlight@everything-theatre.co.uk with a 1 page cover letter. This should contain a paragraph of your CV as a writer, and a paragraph about the work you are submitting.


First and foremost – great writing/storytelling. The best advice we ever heard for playwrights is ‘concentrate on the story and the themes will take care of themselves.’

Secondly –  we think about whether or not a piece is suitable for a podcast. Something that might be perfect for the stage may not be suitable for a podcast – it’s all about the audio. So a highly visual comedy won’t work on a podcast.

Thirdly – would a London audience be interested in the subject matter?

Fourthly – we are looking for scripts that portray modern urban society in all its complexity, both nationally and internationally.

And fifthly (to rephrase and emphasise the first point) –  we enjoy texts that have no apparent ideological content, but that simply tell a human story in an innovative and compelling way.