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Reviews By Genre

What are you in the mood for?

Alternative – fancy something a bit different from the norm? Something immersive, or something taking place in a caravan perhaps?
Cabaret – music, drama, comedy all wrapped into one and served up in a cosy environment like a pub or a restaurant.
Comedy – no need for explanations here, but if you need a laugh then this is the category for you!
Dance – from ballet to physical theatre, some of the most powerful performances are all about movement.
Drama – a staple for us and for many if you fancy a more traditional play.
Family – suitable for kids and families alike, ideal if you’re trying to introduce your kids to theatre land!
Musicals – the triple-threat of music, dance and drama and another staple of the London theatre scene.
Opera – contrary to the opinions of some, it’s so much more than the fat lady singing.
Pantomime – He’s behind you! A festive treat for many.
Puppetry – from Punch and Judy to Sooty and Sweep… Who doesn’t love a good puppet?!
Show me everything – give anything a go? Then just have a good old browse.