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Join Our (online) Team

Enjoy theatre (of course you do, that’s why you are reading this) and enjoy writing? Then you could be just who we’re looking for to join our team of volunteer reviewers to cover the ever-expanding world of online theatre.

Interested? Great, take a read about what we’re looking for and get in touch if you want to be part of our team.

What are the perks? We would normally say free tickets, and that is still the case, even for online theatre. Whilst it’s true that much of the online content is free, there is still a whole host of ticketed shows, many of which we are offered free access to for reviewing. As well as that, it’s a great way to improve your writing and it certainly makes a great entry on your CV if you are job hunting. And admit it, who doesn’t want to see their writing published online and read by hundreds of people?

What if I have my own review blog? That doesn’t matter, we’re happy for you to post your reviews on your own blog as well as our site. That way you get read by even more people and the chance to see even more shows. Plus, you get the assistance of our editors who could help improve your writing and give you some handy tips on making your writing even better.

What if I live outside London but would love to help out? We were slowly expanding our reviewing team outside of London before 2020, but obviously that’s very much on hold right now. But that doesn’t matter, because the one advantage of online shows is you can live anywhere and still review for us. And once things return to some normality, then as well as continuing to review online (which we suspect is here to stay), if you wanted to review in the real world too, we’ll see what we can do in your area.

What if I know nothing about theatre? Perfect. Our core aim is to publish honest and unpretentious writing that everybody can understand. We’re not a site aimed only at the theatre-buffs, we’re a site for everybody, so knowing nothing about theatre is a strength rather than a weakness. Don’t believe us? Well, one of our founders studied for a PhD in Particle Physics. Seriously. And plenty of our team work in fields completely unrelated to theatre from civil servants to teachers.

What about the time commitment? ET is 100% volunteer, so we don’t expect you to write a few reviews a week. Of course, being online does make it so much easier, no travelling time and often you can watch the shows to fit in your own schedule, as much of it is pre-recorded and available anytime. What we do ask is you at least commit to one review a month, but hopefully you can do much more, there are plenty of shows on offer right now to keep everyone busy.

Interested or have questions we haven’t answered here? Then drop us a line to applications@everything-theatre.co.uk, including a sample theatre review and we’ll get back to you from there. If you haven’t anything recent to send, why not write a review of something that is online right now (400-600 words please).