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Everything Theatre started in 2011 as the random musings of two theatre enthusiasts. Today, our team is over forty strong. Fancy being a part of it all?

A list of a current vacancies is below, along with a compelling list of reasons why you should become part of Team ET. If you’ve got more questions, then drop us a line: applications@everything-theatre.co.uk.

Current Vacancies

The most senior members of our team, ideal for theatre lovers with excellent standards of written English who want to develop a career in journalism. These positions are part of the ET Management Team.

The backbone of Everything Theatre. See shows around London and write them up for us.

Feature Writers
Write articles about things that matter to you in theatre. Features, interviews, opinions all included. Become part of the fastest growing team within Everything Theatre!

Guest Bloggers
Have something to say about the theatre scene? Say it through us!

Why join Team ET?

Did someone say free theatre tickets?
All members of Team ET are able to review productions, so there are free theatre tickets in it for everyone! The only guarantee we can make is that as part of Team ET you’ll see some of the best and most exciting theatre that the capital has to offer.

What if I know nothing about theatre?
PERFECT. Our core aim is to publish honest and unpretentious writing that everybody can understand. We’re not a site for theatre-buffs, we’re a site for everybody, so knowing nothing about theatre is a strength rather than a weakness. Don’t believe us? Well, one of our founders is a PhD student in Particle Physics. Seriously.

What about the time commitment?
All members of Team ET are part-time volunteers. We run ET in our spare time as a hobby, so if you’re worried about it being too much of a time commitment, then worry not. All our activities can easily be planned around real-life commitments. All we ask is that you cover two shows a month, and you’re always welcome to do more!

Nearly sold… What else can you tell me?
We’re currently expanding ET in all sorts of exciting, new directions, so whatever your interests are, we can probably help you. Whether you’re an aspiring journalist who wants to add interviewing or editing skills to their CV, or just somebody who wants to venture beyond their go-to theatres, we’re the place for you!