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Derren Brown: Infamous, Palace Theatre

Written and performed by Derren Brown ★★★★★ Pros: You will be completely enthralled and enraptured by Derren Brown’s hypnotic and mesmerizing show. Cons: None except the frustration of not being able to work out how he does it! Worse still, you won’t be able to discuss it with anyone for fear of spoiling it for them, or for fear of Derren Brown finding out and using his mind powers against you. Our Verdict: Without a doubt, go and see it. ...

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Walking: Holding, Battersea Arts Centre

Devised by Rosana Cade★★★★ Pros: A new approach to challenging audience members’ perceptions of others. Cons: It’s a very challenging piece that could get rather uncomfortable and is therefore definitely not for everyone! Our Verdict: A social experiment rather than traditional theatre, but a half hour spent in the company of six interesting actors that will change the way you think about your place in society. Courtesy of Battersea Arts Centre This was my first experience of one-on-one theatre. It ...

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Vaudevilles and Other Sketches, Jermyn Street Theatre

Anton Chekhov Translated and adapted by Michael Frayn Directed by Jenny Eastop ★★★★  Pros: Seamlessly staged and well-acted, with six different mini plays to get your teeth into. Cons: The sketch format meant there was, perhaps, an unsatisfying lack of investment in the characters. Our Verdict: A very professional production that will be accessible and enjoyable to most, but which as a consequence didn’t particularly push any boundaries. Courtesy of Jermyn Street Theatre When I was at school, I once wrote a sketch ...

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The Decorator, The Space

Donald Churchill Directed by Franko Figueiredo ★★★ Pros: Ingenious farce set-up, vibrant comedic performances and a fun sixties setting. Cons: The actors’ accents can difficult to understand, making it easy to miss jokes. Our Verdict: The difficulty in understanding the dialogue is a problem that can’t be overlooked. It is a shame that this issue obscured the fine comedic performances, but The Decorator is still a goofy, fun evening out. Courtesy of The Space The Decorator is classic English farce ...

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Dr N. H. Service, Ms Surveillance and Dame Lansley May, Etcetera Theatre

Written and directed by Paul Martin ★★★ Pros: A strong opinion piece with a definitive voice, unafraid of the provocative and outrageous – everything a good piece of political theatre should be. Cons: The strong, definitive ‘voice’ waxes didactic and prescriptive, wavering dangerously on the line of a monotonous rant. Our Verdict: The author makes a sharp point, but I felt I was being told what to think – off-putting for a free-thinking theatre-goer in a democratic society. Or is ...

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Fuente Ovejuna, CLF Art Café

Lope de Vega Adapted by Tangram Theatre Company Directed by Daniel Goldman ★★★★★ Pros: Has theatre ever been this fun?! Cons: I don’t know the meaning of the word. Our Verdict: Theatre at its best, simply do not miss it. Read our interview with Daniel Goldman, Director of Tangram Theatre here! Courtesy of Tangram Theatre Lope de Vega was Spain’s most prolific and famous author under the ruling of Felipe II of Castilla and I of Portugal. He wrote over ...

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The Incredible Adventures of Clown Slut, Old Red Lion Theatre

Joanna Griffin Directed by Lauren Bracewell ★★★ Pros: Fun, dynamic and entertaining. Superb delivery from Joanna Griffin recounting her adventures as the Clown Slut.  Cons: The concept of the play seems to be directed to only a certain group of people, young graduates and students.  Our verdict: The play gives you something to think about and coats its message in hilarity. Prepare for bellyaching laughter. Courtesy of facebook.com What does it mean to be a feminist? Feminists address issues such as rape, ...

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The Comedy of Oedipus, Lion and Unicorn

Ali SalemDirected by Ahmed El-Alfy★★★★ Pros: An entertaining and dynamic comedy. Cons: Due to lots of movement and excessive volume, the stage became overcrowded at times. Our Verdict: A well-executed, politically charged adaptation of a classic play. Some very good acting and dynamic direction make it enjoyable to watch. Guaranteed fun and laughter.  As part of the international Shubbuk Festival – a window into contemporary Arab culture –this comedy, Courtesy of Giant Olive written in 1970 by legendary Egyptian playwright, was ...

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