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Sex Cells, Riverside Studios – Review

Anna LongarettiDirected by James Barry ★★★★ Pros: A very easy production to watch. It is perfectly balanced and hits all the right notes on motherhood without pointing out the obvious or portraying mothers as martyrs. Cons: If you aren’t a mum, some of the story might not have the same effect on you. However, this is the only minor con I can find. Our Verdict: A truly well performed, directed and written play which is worth two hours away from ...

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X&Y, Science Museum – Review

Presented by Twin Primes Theatre Company Directed by Dermot Keany ★★★ Pros: A noble attempt at sharing the glory of mathematics with the wider public. Cons: Erratic storyline, making it difficult to follow. Too in depth for maths-novices, too shallow for maths-lovers. Our Verdict: A nice concept, but leaves some confused and others disappointed. Credit: AKA Promotions Mathematics and theatre is an unlikely combination, albeit one which is close to my heart. I happen to be one of the rare ...

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Women of Twilight, White Bear Theatre – Review

Sylvia Rayman Directed by Jonathan Rigby ★★★★ Pros: Solid, gritty drama and a talented company of actresses. Cons: The subject may seem an unlikely source of entertainment for some.  Our Verdict: This lost play is definitely worthy of revival and it deserves wider exposure. Come on West End theatre producers! Courtesy of White Bear Theatre Club It was with mixed feelings that I made my way to the White Bear Theatre in Kennington to see Women of Twilight. I was ...

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The House of Bernarda Alba, Baron’s Court Theatre – Review

Federico García LorcaDirected by Adam Morley★★★ Pros: Belen Díaz’s performance as Bernarda Alba really brings the show together. Cons: The production in the original Spanish limits the audience pool significantly. Our verdict: Spain’s past and history came alive in the little theatre of Barons Court. A powerful and symbolic production filled with surprises. The House of Bernarda Alba is Spain’s most famous dramatist Federico García Lorca’s last tragedy. Written in the midst of the Civil War that would ultimately cost him ...

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The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity, Battersea Arts Centre – Review

Clout TheatreDirected by Mine Cerc★★   Pros: The excellent physical performances from the Lecoq-trained ensemble are extremely polished and highly skilled. Cons: Falling in the genre of performance art, it will not be to everyone’s taste and the theme was rehashed again and again, without exploring new ideas. Our Verdict: Great performances can’t save this repetitive, one-note performance art production. Courtesy of Battersea Arts Centre For 45 minutes, three dead people share an excerpt of their purgatorial existence with us. Using ...

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Fresh Off The Boat, Hen and Chickens Theatre – Review

A Border Story – Sarah Pitard Directed by Eyal Israel The Utility People – Michael Ross  Directed by Cat Robey ★★ Pros: A lot of genuine humour and originality in the writing, delivered admirably by the actors Cons: Two short plays meant there was less to get your teeth into. The stories lacked a deeper sense of emotion, and it was overall a bit unnecessarily preachy. Our verdict: A snappy and witty couple of plays with an interesting and topical message but ...

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Ghosts, Almeida Theatre – Review

Henrik IbsenDirected by Richard Eyre★★★★★ Pros: A devastating and powerful play, stunning performances and a simple but wonderfully atmospheric set. Cons: Would be hard put to find any! Our Verdict: An assured and brilliant new adaptation. Courtesy of Almeida Theatre Ghosts is set in a dark house in rural Norway. Helene Alving is preparing a memorial for her late husband with the help of Pastor Manders. Her son Oswald has just returned from a number of years away from home ...

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