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Stranger, Albany Theatre – Review

by Aorta Theatre Collective & Life ArtCo-directed by Rob Hale & Phan Y’LyScenography by Paul Burgess★★★ Pros: Instant connection with the audience by the performers. Language or culture differences ceased to exist. Cons: The show requires comprehensive effort to enjoy it, due to the different performing techniques employed. Our Verdict: Intuitive and groundbreaking take on social norms and gender exploration. Very moving. Courtesy of Albany Theatre Stranger is a groundbreaking, abstract piece of improvised acting brought to the stage by ...

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Othello, National Theatre – Review

William Shakespeare Directed by Nicholas Hytner ★★★★ Pros: One of the clearest productions of Othello I have seen. Had the whole audience on the edge of their seat for the whole 3 hours and 15 minutes. Cons: Rory Kinnear plays Iago with an accent that doesn’t sit well for some reason. Our Verdict: Shakespeare’s finest characters played by Britain’s finest actors and helmed by one of theatre’s finest directors. Courtesy of The Independent We at Everything Theatre have seen quite ...

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Love N Stuff, Theatre Royal Stratford East – Review

Tanika Gupta Directed by Kerry Michael ★★★ Pros: Slick, technically excellent and a text-book example of how to present a huge range of characters with very few actors. Cons: Hard to develop an emotional attachment to the piece.  Our Verdict: A gently enjoyable insight into a 35 year-old marriage where one partner makes a radical decision. Quite funny, extremely well executed, but lacking in tension which stops it from being truly engaging. Credit: Robert Day Love N Stuff is a ...

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Noel Coward Theatre – Review

William ShakespeareDirected by Michael Grandage ★★★★★  Pros: A lavish, contemporary, comical production with an outstanding cast. The relatable interpretation succeeded in bringing this play full of fairies and spells to a wide and appreciative audience. Cons: I’m grasping at straws, but Padraic Delaney as Oberon/Theseus is a little less commanding than I expected from the king of the fairies/Duke of Athens. Our Verdict: Grandage’s interpretation proves the timelessnes of Shakespeare’s writing. Don’t be put off if you are not a ...

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Genesis New Writing Night, Genesis Cinema – Review

Presented by Genesis Cinema★★★ Pros: The opportunity to see and influence the development of plays at their earliest stages. Cons: As there were no posters or anything in the foyer to indicate where the event was taking place, venturing there was initially a trifle unnerving. Our Verdict: A very enjoyable experience. Something to put in your diary each month. Courtesy of Genesis Cinema When I first arrived at the Genesis Cinema to collect the tickets, there were no signs or ...

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Californian Lives, OSO Arts Centre – Review

Martin ForemanDirected by Emma King-Farlow★★★ Pros: The performers paint a powerful picture of longing, loneliness and regret that reaches deep within. Cons: Sometimes your mind wanders off because of the monologue-based structure of the play. Our Verdict: A production which has matured and improved since we last saw it. Courtesy of Lauren Wright Californian Lives is comprised of three different stories, each focused on the account of a nameless American character. Set in 1990s California, through a combination of monologues, ...

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No Way Out, White Bear Theatre – Review

Jean-Paul SartreDirected by Felix Schaaf and Tom van der Klugt★★★ Pros: A very clever premise, and a surprisingly humorous take on Hell! Cons: Do not see this while there’s football on in the pub. Just. Don’t. Our verdict: Lively, well acted and interesting! Courtesy of White Bear Theatre The idea behind the play is a clever and modern take on Hell. Three souls arrive in the Inferno only to find the fires are not present – instead they are in ...

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City Slices & Country Crumbs, Hen and Chickens Theatre – Review

Judy Upton, Melanie Hunter, Camilla Whitehill and Wendy Thomson Directed by Tessa Shrubsall and Charlie Ely ★★★ Pros: An eclectic mix of light-hearted and serious insights into life in England with some laugh-out-loud moments. Cons: The four ten-minute plays didn’t manage to go beyond being rather cursory glances into what could have been interesting topics.  Our Verdict: A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a night with friends and be introduced to some emerging young playwrights. Courtesy of Grey and Green ...

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