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Reviewing is at the heart of what we do. Here you’ll find all the reviews that our wonderful team of reviewers have written. On average we review around 15 productions all over the capital every week, so there should always be something that takes your fancy!

Alice Diamond and The Forty Thieves, The Bell Pub

Madelaine BeeversDirected by Emma Williamson★★★★ Pros: A unique and fascinating venue with compelling performances from all the cast. Cons: At the end of two hours you may have a stiff neck if you sit on the front row, as it is akin to watching a tennis match at times. Our Verdict: Impressive on all fronts and a story which could easily have been set today. A creation SOOT Theatre Company can be proud of. Courtesy of SOOT Theatre If you ...

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You and Me, Blue Elephant Theatre

Roger SimeonDirected by Bryony Shanahan★★★★ Pros: Demonstrates character acting at its best. Chameleon-like performances by Patricia Rodriguez and Mercè Ribot take you on an unpredictable and whacky ride through the love and hate of sisterhood. Cons: This is a very specific kind of theatre – esoteric, philosophic and abstract. It may prove frustrating for those preferring linear plot lines and story structure. Our Verdict: Refreshingly different, this is a show that plucks us out of traditional storytelling and hurls us ...

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Before the Party, Almeida Theatre

Rodney AcklandDirected by Matthew Dunster★★★ Pros: Some very funny characters, and excellent performances. Cons: The comedy was much more brilliant than the deeper character moments. Our Verdict: Certainly worth the trip for a fun evening out. Credit: Keith Pattison Having recently consumed four whole seasons of the IT Crowd, I found myself wondering why Katherine Parkinson (who plays Jen Barber absolutely brilliantly) has slightly disappeared off the map, in particular in comparison with the astounding successes of her co-leads. So ...

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The 8th Wave, The Space

James ErnestDirected by Don Mc Camphill and Luke Lutterer ★★★ Pros: A solid play in a great little venue. A particularly strong performance from Francis Adams. Cons: The start was a little slow and the ending a bit contrived. Our Verdict: The playwright James Ernest could be one to watch for the future. So why not go and see his early work? Courtesy of  Disturbance The Space is a little old Presbyterian church on the Isle of Dogs. Oh the ...

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The Thrill of Love, St James Theatre

Amanda Whittington Directed by James Dacre ★★★★ Pros: A wonderful collection of exceptional actors have been brought together in this brilliant production. Cons: Not many. It is only 90 minutes long; personally I prefer that, but some may see it as not being enough time to cover Ruth’s complex life. To be honest I’m clutching at straws though! Our Verdict: Supported by thoroughly well thought-out lights, sound and costume, this insightful and brilliantly paced script allows the talented cast of ...

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The Hospital at the Time of the Revolution, Finborough Theatre

Caryl ChurchillDirected by Jim Russell★★★★ Pros: Very clever writing which manages to narrate bad actions by characters yet also depicts the reasoning without judgement. Cons: A little too unremitting as an experience and some of the events feel unnecessary. Our Verdict: A very insightful and intriguing play which stimulates interest in how human beings cope in times of war. Courtesy of Finborough Theatre The play is set during the Algerian War and we become the voyeurs of several moments in a ...

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Molly Sweeney, The Print Room

Brian Friel Directed by Abigail Graham ★★★★★ Pros: An excellent venue, compelling script and note-perfect performances. Cons: Nothing worth mentioning. Our Verdict: This production breathes new life into Brian Friel’s poetic work. Astounding all round. Credit: Tristram Kenton The Print Room is a gorgeous 1950s converted graphic design warehouse in Notting Hill. Now in its third year, the venue has created consistently exciting, innovative fringe theatre, and Molly Sweeney is no different.  Brian Friel’s play explores the life of a ...

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Gibraltar, Arcola Theatre

Alastair Brett and Sian Evans Directed by James Robert Carson ★★★ Pros: A brave and ambitious attempt at tackling a contentious and complex subject, with a delightful performance by Karina Fernandez as the astute Rosa. Cons: At the end of two hours, the play fails to have any real impact because it is not clear what its point is. Our Verdict: The play manages to create its own identity, and the decision to tackle a controversial event in history on ...

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The Early Bird, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Leo Butler Directed by Zoe Thomas-Webb ★★ Pros: Strong, intense performances from a small cast; a minimal but thoughtful set design. Cons: An incredibly confusing script made the show nearly impossible to follow. Our Verdict: Despite a true effort, the show failed to hold my interest throughout a confusing and disjointed story line. Courtesy of KDC Theatre The Early Bird, from amateur company KDC Theatre, recently experienced a short run at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre. Always a delightful venue, ...

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