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Reviewing is at the heart of what we do. Here you’ll find all the reviews that our wonderful team of reviewers have written. On average we review around 15 productions all over the capital every week, so there should always be something that takes your fancy!

Not I, Royal Court

Samuel Beckett★★★ Pros: This is a masterful piece of theatre, brilliantly written and delivered with incredible sensory impact. The post show film of Billie Whitelaw, and talk with Lisa Dwan (actress) and Roger Michell was interesting and enlightening. Cons: At nine minutes long it is very brief, and in my opinion delivered too quickly. Having never seen it, I did not understand a word of what was said. Our Verdict: If you are interested in Beckett’s work this is a ...

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The Audition and Against Democracy double bill, Arcola Theatre

Rodolf Sirera Esteve Soler Directed by Sílvia Ayguadé ★★★ Pros: A rare opportunity to see prime examples of Catalan theatre in Britain. Cons: Its strength is also its weakness. The plays deal extensively with social and political themes, it’s not likely to appeal to everyone. It is also a rather long evening. Our Verdict: An interesting curio. Surreal theatre with intelligence and bite. Worth checking out if you’re free and up for something different. Courtesy of Bots & Barrals Theatre ...

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The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure, Blue Elephant Theatre

Tiffany Wood from the Original Cervantes “Don Quixote”Directed by Ian NicholsonResearch and development by Simon Day and Aitor Basauri ★★★ Pros: Never boring, at times comical and fittingly dynamic physical theatre. Good use of Spanish accents and guitar. Fun to watch.  Cons: Limited resources inevitably dictate small crew, bare props and no visual aids. But this was a work-in-progress after all. Our Verdict: A thoroughly enjoyable hour of physical theatre, guaranteed to keep you entertained and leave in good spirits. ...

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No Rhyme, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Melanie Pennant Directed by Kate Bannister ★★★ Pros: Transports the audience into a club toilet – a brilliant set, and some very believable characters. Cons: Tries to pack too much in and doesn’t quite pull everything together. The drama becomes little strident and confused towards the end. Our Verdict: An interesting and commendable effort from lots of new talent to keep an eye on. Courtesy of Brockley Jack StudioTheatre website There seems to be a fashion at the moment for setting ...

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Lear, Greenwich Theatre

William ShakespeareDirected by Ricky Dukes★★★ Pros: Flashes of real quality and originality in the staging. Cons: Certain aspects of the staging didn’t quite work. Our Verdict: A hit and miss production which was admirable in its risk-taking and ingenuity. It had a nice pace but fell flat on a few occasions. Courtesy of Greenwich theatre Like many of my contemporaries, I studied Lear for A-Level. I remember my English teacher would turn up to class seemingly drunk – shirt untucked, ...

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The Platform, The Bread and Roses Pub

Johnny Did Not Come Marching Home, by Sharon M. Andrews, Directed by Tom Skitt Just Desserts, by Will Howells, Directed by Nathaniel Francis Skeleton, by David Payne, Directed by Kuba Drewa Cold Calling, by Suzette Coon, Directed by Tessa Hart Hamlet in Hiding, by Rich Rubin, Directed by Dominic Danson ★★★ Pros: A great survey of new works that showcase some truly blossoming talent. Cons: Not all the pieces are well-fleshed out, and some still require a lot of work. ...

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Hutch, Riverside Studios

Joe Evans Directed by Linnie Reedman ★★★ Pros: An interesting story and the music, costumes and set really evoke the atmosphere of the time. The Halbwelt Kultur troupe of chorus girls are a definite highlight– they are fab! Cons: The drama lacks depth and the second act is a bit lengthy. The performance of the title role isn’t quite dynamic enough to do justice to such a charismatic character. Our Verdict: In the program, author Charlotte Breese describes Hutch as ...

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The Collector, St Peter’s Church (site-specific)

Adaptation by Mark Healy Directed by Theo Herghekegiu ★★★★ Pros: Well adapted, intense play set in a magnificent theatre space. Cons: The dark nature of this script will inevitably unnerve some audience members. Some of the acting felt a bit overly dramatic at times. Our Verdict: A daring adaptation of this classic psychological thriller with some very good use of visuals. Elicits strong reactions from its audience. Courtesy of Notting Hill Mayfest website Admittedly, going to see The Collector was never going ...

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Mess, Battersea Arts Centre

Caroline Horton and Company Directed by Alex Swift ★★★★ Pros: A lively combination of a serious topic with a wacky play and enthusiastic characters. Cons: I’m not entirely sure the idea of it not being the ‘real show’ was necessary or worked (unless it really is moving into a bigger, more impressive venue). Our Verdict: Three strong actors perform a script by a writer who has a deep understanding of the subject. Courtesy of the Battersea Arts Centre Caroline Horton ...

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