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Knickers To That!, Etcetera Theatre – Review

Simone WatsonDirected by Simone Watson★★★★ Pros: An accessible play with engaging characters and recognisable scenarios. Cons: While there are a number of amusing scenes, those looking for escapism probably won’t find it here. Our Verdict: Lightning in a bottle: life in inner London captured in all its complexity. Courtesy of etceteratheatre.com With the title Knickers To That!, you would be forgiven for thinking that this play might be a farce or not have dramatic gravitas. This is far from the ...

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Psychopomp and Circumstance, The Hen and Chickens Theatre – Review

Written & directed by Michael Eckett★★ Pros: Energetic and dedicated performances and some genuinely funny moments. Cons: Some of the plays were stronger than others; at certain points I was baffled and my attention drifted. Our Verdict: A great subject that could be better exploited for both drama and/or comedy. Some more background information would have been helpful to get the best from the production. Courtesy of Sigil Club Productions The Hen and Chickens is a theatre space above a ...

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Emma, Tristan Bates Theatre – Reviews

Jane AustenAdapted by Oneohone Theatre Company Directed by Asia Osborne ★★★★ Pros: A witty and bold production with just the right balance of carefully crafted narrative and flexible improvisation. Cons: Some of the text could have been more polished – the occasional Regency period language did not fit in well with the modern setting. Our Verdict: An immersive, fun, modern adaption of an old classic with matchmaker Emma and her friends brilliantly coming to life. Courtesy of ONEOHONE Theatre Company ...

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Dogstar, Tabard Theatre – Review

Greg Freeman Directed by Ken McClymont ★★★ Pros: The philosophical arguments dressed in dark comedy surrounding ownership, friendship and the value we place upon a person. Cons: A little heavy on themes and intrigue around the main character – makes the audience lose the thread of the story somewhat. Our Verdict: A dark western comedy fit for anyone who enjoys good dialogues, a main protagonist with an uncanny resemblance to Clint Eastwood and intense moral topics. Courtesy of the Tabard ...

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Tiger at the Gates, Lion and Unicorn Theatre – Review

Jean Giraudoux Directed by Nick Mouton  ★★★ Pros: A story that resonates strongly with the current world-wide political climate, highlighting the absurdities and fickleness of war with intellect and wit.  Cons: A heady play with a great deal of talk and a point to prove which, although interesting, might benefit from more action to reinforce and focus the debate.  Our Verdict: An ancient story investigating the reasons behind the wilful propagation of war that, while relevant and poignant, becomes didactic ...

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As You Like It, The Albany – Review

William Shakespeare A Transport Production Directed by Douglas Rintoul★★ Pros: This is a different take on a classic Shakespeare comedy. Certainly good for those who know the story well and like to see a new perspective on the play and the world we live in Cons: Sometimes difficult to follow, this is not recommended for your first venture into the land of the Forest of Arden. Our Verdict: This production is not going to be for everyone but is certainly ...

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