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Reviewing is at the heart of what we do. Here you’ll find all the reviews that our wonderful team of reviewers have written. On average we review around 15 productions all over the capital every week, so there should always be something that takes your fancy!

As Is, Finborough Theatre

William M. Hoffman Directed by Andrew Keates ★★★★  Pros: Seamless staging and impassioned acting. Cons: Almost zero, although being ultra-picky, I’ll say there was scope for the emotional scenes to be cranked up even more. Our Verdict: A virtually faultless production, with a gripping and well-structured storyline and exhilarating performances. Courtesy of Finborough Theatre On Wednesday, Stephen Fry published an open letter to David Cameron and the International Olympic Committee, urging them to take action against the violent anti-gay laws of Russia, ...

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Camden Fringe: The Hard Comedy: Offline, Canal Cafe Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013The Hard Comedy Troupe★★★ Pros: Funny and culturally relevant sketches are brought to life by a wickedly talented and engaging ensemble. Cons: The Hard Comedy’s material is intended for YouTube, and while the live show was funny, it didn’t really set itself apart from the work the troupe makes readily available online. Our Verdict: There’s no question that The Hard Comedy should be on your radar, but their material might be better suited for the ...

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Romeo and Juliet, The Rag Factory

William Shakespeare Devised by Cut String Theatre ★★★★ Pros: Intelligent performances, inventive staging. A raw, enjoyable experience. Cons: If you are used to conventional theatre, especially in terms of box office experience, then this might not be for you – but you’ be missing out.  Our Verdict: Remarkable work from a determined and extremely talented new theatre company with exciting potential.  Courtesy of Cut StringTheatre Cut String Theatre is one to watch. It is an ever saturated arts market where ...

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The Same Deep Water As Me, Donmar Warehouse

Nick PayneDirected by John Crowley ★★★★ Pros: Great writing that will have you laughing all evening. Cons: The joke! I’m saying no more. The ending might not feel right to everyone. Our Verdict: Humour applied to an unsavoury element of current culture. Social commentary with a funny bone. Courtesy of Johan Perrson and Donmar Warehouse The Donmar Warehouse* is one of my favourite theatres and I’ve never seen a poor production there. With this in mind, I was excited to ...

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Camden Fringe: Ajax, Etcetera Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Sophocles, translated by Peter MaineckDevised by: Theatro Rheo★★ Pros: An emphatically physical depiction. Cons: The storyline is hard to discern, especially for anyone with no prior knowledge of the tale. Our Verdict: Better for fans of avant-garde theatre but may not be accessible enough for some people. Courtesy of Theatro Rheo Tuesday afternoon found me upstairs at The Oxford Arms on Camden High Street where the Etcetera theatre is located. As part of the Camden Fringe, Theatre ...

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Camden Fringe: Whispers Turn into a Cry, Collection Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Presented by Seemia Theatre Company ★★★ Pros: Performers were fearless. The accompanying live musical, particularly the vocals, were hauntingly unique. Cons: A lack of narrative Verdict: This is a brave piece, probably not for those looking for a fluffy piece of evening entertainment. Most definitely on the upper end of the experimental scale. Courtesy of Seemia Media Co. I’m always a little bit weary of a show whose synopsis I can’t quite get a ...

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Camden Fringe: Future Perfect: The Family Plot, The Camden Head

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Em Fleming, Stephanie Gerra, Irving Jones and Stephen Keyworth★★★ Pros: Hilarious, dark and twisted story telling. Cons: Not for those who need visuals to connect the story together. Some of the stories were better than others, but that is normal for new writing. Our Verdict: Theatre in its barest form. Our advice: Indulge yourself and allow someone to share a story with you. Courtesy of Future Perfect Writers The well known saying “Keep it simple, ...

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Camden Fringe: The Wrong Side of Right, The Phoenix Artist Club

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Danielle MeehanDirected by Simone Watson ★★★★ Pros: An innovative autobiographical take on life as a jobbing actor. Cons: Outside the room of the performance it was a bit noisy, so that was occasionally distracting. Our Verdict: A very personal and universal story that bristles with intelligence and wit. As I write this review, The Catherine Tate Show is on in the background – the sketch where the Courtesy of The Phoenix Artist Club affluent mother ...

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Camden Fringe: An Evening Of The Absurd: Are We Still Waiting for Godot?, Camden People’s Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 by Closing the Gap Theatre Company Directed by Joe Allan★★★ Pros: The piece was well-acted and certainly unique.Cons: The narrative was, at best, difficult to follow.Our verdict: It’s certainly a unique performance. Would be good for people who like unusual theatre that asks the audience to create their own conclusions. Courtesy of Closing The Gap Theatre An Evening Of The Absurd: Are We Still Waiting for Godot? certainly is what it says on the ...

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