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Blue, Pleasance Theatre – Review

Beccy Smith Directed by Darren East ★★★ Pros: Intimate setting, the original musical compositions and the beautiful, magical moments the show created. Cons: The performance was somewhat ephemeral, and both the narrative and the characters could have been stronger. In this instance, less might have been more. Our Verdict: A piece with great potential that needs further development in order to be truly immersive and captivating. Credit: TouchedTheatre Blue is an interactive mystery show that allows a small audience to ...

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Love Story, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review

Erich SegalBook and lyrics by Stephen Clark Music and additional lyrics by Howard Goodall Directed by Joseph C. Walsh and musical supervision by Rob Archibald ★★★★  Pros: Evocative music, beautiful performances, symbolic and ingenious staging–the cast takes turns to play a piano that breaks to form the elements of stage. Cons: Too much profanity? (not even!). Our Verdict: Elegant and heart-breaking music, lyrics and performances –this production has it all! Courtesy of Tony Nandi ‘What can you say about a girl…? ‘ Based ...

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Pretty Ugly, Camden People’s Theatre – Review

Written and performed by Louise Orwin ★★★★  Pros: The serious and contemporary subject matter that affects all of us.  Cons: The show dragged at times, becoming repetitive and overstating points.  Our Verdict: A timely, powerful performance exploring the brutal digital world of teenage girls.  Courtesy of Louise Orwin The question “am I pretty or am I ugly?” is the premise of Louise Orwin’s Pretty Ugly, which explores a disturbing online trend in which teenage girls post videos and photos of ...

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Crowning Glory, Theatre Royal Stratford East – Review

Somalia SeatonDirected by Dawn Reid★★★ Pros: Crowning Glory is dynamic, versatile, and unapologetic in its exploration of beauty and identity. Cons: The show concentrates on very specific experiences and may at times feel alienating to some audience members. Our Verdict: Crowning Glory is a worthy and polished navigation through topics of beauty and identity, combining humour, passion, and style with expertise. Courtesy of TRSE and Sharron Wallace Somalia Seaton’s Crowning Glory is a play about owning yourself. Through a series ...

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Fatherland , Battersea Arts Centre – Review

Nic Green ★★★★ Pros: Nic Green’s absolute vivacity; a ferocious performer, sparkling with creativity and life. Cons: On a practical level, having a group of audience members reading previously unseen lines in unison meant that the words were sometimes unclear, and some of the meaning gets lost. Our Verdict: One to see if you like feeling fully immersed in a very personal performance. Credit: Battersea Arts Centre Every trip to Battersea Arts Centre is an adventure. They say it themselves ...

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Olives and Blood, Brixton East – Review

Michael Bradford  Directed by Prav MJ★★★ Pros: A cleverly constructed play in a great venue that may have you longing to visit Spain to soak up some history and culture. Cons: I would have liked more detail and depth in the depiction of Lorca but all the facts and characters presented were necessary to illustrate the events so maybe it’s a good incentive to go and do some personal research. Our Verdict: A well-rounded, entertaining and informative evening that somehow ...

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Coward, White Bear Theatre – Review

James Martin CharltonDirected by Terence Mann★★★★ Pros: An enthralling and colourful look into the private life of one of the most well-known and celebrated actor/playwrights of the 20th century. Excellent characterisation by all three actors, particularly of Noël Coward himself (played by Jake Urry). Cons: As a speculation about Noël Coward’s life and not a biographical dramatisation, there were certain story elements that, while adding to the sympathy for certain characters, did not make immediate sense in the over all ...

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