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Reviewing is at the heart of what we do. Here you’ll find all the reviews that our wonderful team of reviewers have written. On average we review around 15 productions all over the capital every week, so there should always be something that takes your fancy!

Now We are Three: The Best of Descent, Southwark Playhouse

The Fitting Room, Mat Burt, Directed by Martin LeonardBlind Date, Ziella Bryars, Directed by Georgia MurphyPenpals, Chloe Ewart, Directed by Faye MerrallsCasting Call, Alex Head, Directed by Jennifer BakstThornaby, Keziah Warner, Directed by David Aula★★★★ Pros: Very funny, and an evening of great story telling. The dialogue is very good across the board. Cons: There are so many great plays to see that it ends up being a bit lengthy. Our Verdict: A very enjoyable experience with great acting and great writing on display. Courtesy of Southwark Playhouse Descent are ...

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Camden Fringe: Pot Noodles & Knickers, Etcetera Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Written and directed by Nick Card ★★ Pros: The scene with the lads reminiscing about Katie dancing in her fancy pants really stood out. Cons: A few glimmers of fun but overall a bit predictable. Our Verdict:  It didn’t really live up to the promising comedy title. The production needs a little more work to bring its concept to fruition. Courtesy of Etcetera Theatre The Etcetera theatre has been a hub of activity during the ...

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Camden Fringe: The Murderettes, Phoenix Artist Club

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Improvisation presented by The Murderettes★★ Pros: Unique concept for improv, great dead pan humour at times. Cons: Dragged quite a lot in places. One scenario was drawn out for too long. Our Verdict: Admirable attempt to explore and develop the improv comedy genre. Courtesy of The Murderettes The Murderettes are a murder mystery themed comedy improv group. The premise is simple but inventive. The small group of comedians start by asking the audience to give ...

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Camden Fringe: Peaceful, Etcetera Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Polis LoizouPresented by The Off-Off-Off Broadway Company ★★★★ Pros: The acting is superb, the story is compelling, and the sense of the spirit world is executed effectively.  Cons: It was too short. At only 45 minutes, it was over too quickly.  Verdict: This small-scale performance demonstrates how little is needed to create a dynamic and entertaining piece of theatre. It succeeds in every way, particularly in its aim to provoke fear in an audience.  Courtesy ...

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Camden Fringe: The Collector, Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013John FowlesAdapted for stage by Mark HealyPresented by Peppered Wit productions★★★★ Pros: Compelling, well-acted piece which really made me think. Cons: Some of the more serious action doesn’t necessarily lend itself to being acted naturalistically. Our Verdict: Chilling and thought-provoking. Well worth seeing. Courtesy of Peppered Wit Productions It’s been while since I have been to the theatre and come away genuinely not knowing what to think. The issues explored in this updated version of ...

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Camden Fringe: Hallelujah House, Etcetera Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Yazz Fetto ★★ Pros: There is good improvisation, as well as funny scripted moments. Cons: Where the play tries to address topical issues surrounding modern-day Christianity, it falls a bit flat. Our Verdict: The central story could be stronger, and some of the messages are questionable. But ultimately this play is written and performed for laughs. This comedy explores the business behind organised religion. Vestments and neckbands have been replaced with suits, and ties printed ...

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Camden Fringe: The Queen of Hearts, Etcetera Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Written and directed by Matthew Radway★★★ Pros: Great British one-liners and an enjoyable first half. Cons: Falters in places, mostly towards the end. Our Verdict: A good work in progress that can and, no doubt, will get better. With a living room over-flowing with Princess Diana memorabilia, the stage is set and we immediately get a clear idea of who we think this Diana-obsessed couple are. Queen of Hearts is an interesting look at ...

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Camden Fringe: You Can’t Have Us, The Phoenix Artist Club

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Written and performed by Peter Edwards and Jethro Bradley★★★★ Pros: Lots of quality lines, more subtle than their voluntary filth may suggest. Good tempos and a good balance between the two. Cons: Some may find a few lines a bit too filthy, but is that so bad? But best leave the kids at home, just in case. Our Verdict: A very funny and enjoyable two-man show that is guaranteed to give you an uplifting giggle. Quality stand-up ...

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Camden Fringe: Special Ed – Healthy Body, Happy Me, Etcetera Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Joseph Rynhart, Callum Stewart and Diana WinterDirected by: Grinning Idiots Theatre ★★★ Pros: The rich comedy territory of children’s entertainment provides plenty of verbal and physical jokes. Cons: It’s not the most original idea and could be developed further. Our Verdict: Overall, it’s a bit of a giggle with a student sense of humour stamped all over it. This is a show by a new group of acting graduates. Originally designed as a course project, it ...

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