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Review: Die Another Dame, online via Zoom

It’s the night before the opening of Die Another Dame, the James Bond-themed panto, at Gravestone Community Centre. Greg Gilbert, the show’s writer, director and star, has been found murdered: a huge glitter ball suspended above the stage collapsed onto his head, its supporting cable deliberately severed. Who among the cast and crew could have committed such a dastardly deed? It’s up to you, as the detective’s cohorts, to unravel the truth. Detective Slaughter and his tech sidekick Festive Fred ...

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Review: In Bad Taste, live stream from The Space

Reading the blurb ahead of time, this show promised lots of blood. So, it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise that clicking into the Zoom broadcast in advance of the 8pm start, the camera appeared to have a red filter on! Watching one of the cast continuously heaving into a bowl as they sat waiting for the real start time might have slightly put a lesser person than myself off their banana bread. (A banana bread that hadn’t ...

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