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Off West End

Ah, the Off West End. For those not familiar with the term, this is where the real magic of the London theatre scene happens. Great shows are born here, in pubs, in 50-seat theatres, in tunnels. Recommended for the adventurous – we can’t get enough of it, and you’ll save a quid or two as well!

Ghosts, Almeida Theatre – Review

Henrik IbsenDirected by Richard Eyre★★★★★ Pros: A devastating and powerful play, stunning performances and a simple but wonderfully atmospheric set. Cons: Would be hard put to find any! Our Verdict: An assured and brilliant new adaptation. Courtesy of Almeida Theatre Ghosts is set in a dark house in rural Norway. Helene Alving is preparing a memorial for her late husband with the help of Pastor Manders. Her son Oswald has just returned from a number of years away from home ...

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Crazy Glue, The Nursery – Review

Dramaturge: Katherine MarkwickMovement Director: Bert Roman ★★★★ Pros: Original and clever premise, entertaining imagery, an evocative soundtrack and two highly-skilled performers working in perfect harmony. Cons: Might not be to your taste if you don’t like physical theatre or miming. Our Verdict: A clever and captivating piece that skilfully mixes comedy with tragedy, and features an excellent partnership of two accomplished performers. Credit: Single Shoe Productions I’ve never been to a theatre quite like The Nursery before. Located under a ...

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Virgin, Watford Palace Theatre – Review

E V CroweDirected by Joe Murphy★★★★ Pros: An excellent all-rounder which creates tension and climaxes beautifully.Cons: The ending felt a little contrived. Our Verdict: Virgin expertly elucidates work-a-day stress and the struggle for empowerment in modern day UK with guts, gusto and grit. Credit: Robert Day Virgin is part of the Ideal World Series at Watford Palace Theatre; a series about the impact of the digital world. Virgin looks at a couple in the country who are seeking to find ...

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Golden Child, New Diorama Theatre – Review

David Henry Hwang  Directed by Ng Choon Ping ★★★★ Pros: Dramatically relevant and as thought provoking as it is spirit-lifting as a play. Marvellous costumes and scenes. Good character development. Cons: Some hesitant acting especially in the first half but nothing that would detract from this play’s magic atmosphere. Our Verdict: A very well made production of a much overdue British adaptation of this Chinese-American multi-awarded play. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.  Credit: Anna Nguyen I was thrilled to be invited ...

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As You Like It, The Rose, Bankside – Review

William Shakespeare Directed by Jessica Ruano ★★★★ Pros: Great rendition of Shakespeare’s comedy classic. Enthusiastic performances and superb direction. Cons: I would have liked the cast to perform the entire play instead of this abridged version. Our verdict: Shakespeare fans and newbies alike will very much enjoy this bite-sized version of As You Like It. A truly wonderful rendition that leaves you yearning for more. Courtesy of The Rose This was my first visit to the historic Rose Theatre in ...

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The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review

Paul ZindelDirected by Amy Gunn★★★★ Pros: This production fits any day, any mood and anyone and everyone. Cons: I honestly find it very hard to think of anything. Our verdict: One of the sweetest, most tender productions out there at the moment. Aimed at all kinds of audience, you will simply love it. Courtesy of Outfox Productions A new production of the 1964 play by Pulitzer Prize-winner Paul Zindel, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds tells the story ...

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The Fu Manchu Complex, Ovalhouse – Review

Daniel York Loh Directed by Justin Audibert ★★★ Pros: This show actually produced laughter, rather than just a smile. Cons: Old jokes from the beginning of the show feel a little like they are re-hashed again and again throughout the show with nothing new to add except shock factor. Our Verdict: If you enjoy The Book of Mormon style of comedy then this show is for you. A clever piece performed by 5 strong actors. Although it has a very ...

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Sitting With Thistle, Lion & Unicorn Theatre – Review

Marietta Kirkbride Directed by Simon Kane & Elf Lyons ★★★ Pros: Well performed, a great stage set and entertainingly annoying characters. Cons: An hour and half felt like a long time without a breather but any break would have damaged the tension and flow of the play. Our Verdict: The play was enjoyable as a portrait of sibling relations but there is no great denouement so enjoy the ride rather than expect a grand finale. Credit: tnt-images A short walk ...

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Unrelated, Drayton Theatre – Review

D B Horrigan Directed by Tom Latter ★★ Pros: Some nice performances and good use of the unconventional space. Cons: Too long for the subject matter covered, some relationships seem unlikely. Our Verdict: A play which could be trimmed, and possibly reworked, to bring it to its full potential. Courtesy of Drayton Theatre Despite having been an avid theatre-goer in London for several years, the Drayton Theatre had eluded me until now. One of the perks of being a reviewer ...

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