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Editor’s Choice: 4 – 10 May

1. Scottish Widows at The White Bear Theatre – ★★★★. Until 24th May.

Olivier Award-winner Grae Cleugh’s newest play is a Talking Heads style exploration of widowhood. A few extracts of some of the monologues have already appeared as part of our Scripts Spotlight readings and podcast, but now it has been fully staged. I’m delighted to say that our reviewer (who was not involved in the podcast or readings!) loved it. Hopefully, so will you!

2. A Trick To Catch The Old One at The Rose, Bankside – ★★★★. Until 24th May.

Who ever said that all theatre from the late 1500s/early 1600s had to be Shakespeare? A Trick To Catch The Old One was written by Thomas Middleton, one of the Bard’s contemporaries, and is a rollicking good comedy. Plus it is staged at The Rose, Bankside – a venue perched above the archaeological excavation site of one of London’s oldest known theatres (and possibly the original Globe)!

3. De Profundis at Leicester Square Theatre – ★★★★. Until 8th June.

De Profundis is a musical based on the letters Oscar Wilde wrote to his former lover while he was imprisoned for his homosexuality. Of you think that a musical is not a suitable format for such a story, think again. This production is heart-wrenching, beautiful and haunting, according to our reviewer.

4. Foreplay at The King’s Head – ★★★★. Until 31st May.

Our reviewer described this show as a psychosexual thriller… although this might sound like the kind of thing Sigmund Freud would be into, it is actually a clever and witty specualtion into the sexual and intellectual intrigues of some of the world’s most towering post-war thinkers. So if you are looking for something unusual for your night out, this might be the show for you!




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