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Camden Fringe: You Can’t Have Us, The Phoenix Artist Club

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013
Written and performed by Peter Edwards and Jethro Bradley

Pros: Lots of quality lines, more subtle than their voluntary filth may suggest. Good tempos and a good balance between the two.

Cons: Some may find a few lines a bit too filthy, but is that so bad? But best leave the kids at home, just in case.

Our Verdict: A very funny and enjoyable two-man show that is guaranteed to give you an uplifting giggle. Quality stand-up comedy made for friends.

Courtesy of the Phoenix Artist Club

What could be a more fitting backdrop to a two-handed mess of outrageous silliness than the Phoenix Artist Club? Here you are, bang in the middle of Theatreland, ushered with only 10 other lucky punters, to the back of this Covent Garden institution. Now, with that face and smile, what else could you be in life if not a stand-up comedian? And there he is, the naturally talented Peter Edwards welcoming us to the show with a few punches of personally tailored, icebreaking jokes. No doubt, this duo has got lots of talent and it shows through and fully during the whole hour of the show.

First having a go was Jethro Bradley. He was the brainy, philosophical type that you’d expect to be coming out of Eton College, yet he wanted us to be in no doubt as to how very low his dignity standards were, right from the very beginning! His sexual innuendos – so filthy that we all started wondering whether we had been taken to the backroom of a gay peep show by some sort of festival prank. Thankfully, he soon re-gathered what was left of his face and started pumping some seriously funny and marvellously intelligent storytelling. What a laugh! But wait, that guy with the funny face, he is about to come and treat us to a seriously high quality second half. A gay, beer-belly-double-chin-bearing man in a tight t-shirt, telling us how men tragically fail to seduce women, and most importantly, why. I did laugh a lot, and so did my friends. Perhaps soon, we’ll see them playing to bigger audiences.

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You can’t have us was at the Phoenix Artist Club for two nights, 11th and 13th August 2013, part of the Camden Fringe Festival. http://www.camdenfringe.com/?id=3&displaydate=2013-08-16

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