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Camden Fringe Audience Feedback: Heads Bodies Legs

Average Audience Rating: ★★★★★

6th-25th August at The Camden People’s Theatre

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Anonymous – ★★★★★
“I loved this play. It was rich on so many levels – a brilliant script with some incredibly funny lines that have stayed with me (don’t want to give spoilers), but also some really powerful physical theatre combine to make something very special. 
The subject matter ‘ An absurd comic thriller set in a sinister private hospital’ holds a timely resonance with the current NHS sell offs , but this play operates on a deeper and much funnier level than one would initially expect from the tag line, and has nothing directly to do with modern politics.
All the cast is very strong, but I particularly enjoyed the performance of Clare Buckingham as Louise. 
There is also a really interesting use of projected animation and lighting which shows a level of sophistication that I did not previously associate with fringe theatre. 
All in all I would thoroughly recommend this play both for the intellegence of the script and the sheer entertainment of the delivery .
This play also has one of the best dance scenes ever. Go and see it – you won’t regret it.”

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