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Ghost Storyteller, Baron’s Court Theatre

Written and performed by Robert Crighton

Pros: A well-crafted monologue delivered with energy, pace and humour. Crighton engages the audience from the outset and the discussion preceding the story builds anticipation and expectation.

Cons: The poltergeist in the story is a hamster, which feels naive: there is nothing spooky or disturbing about the story which was a little disappointing after the build-up.

Our Verdict: This is a very good yarn and is a perfect conversation starter if you are planning dinner in the Gastropub above the theatre (the food in The Curtains Up is excellent).

Ghost Storyteller runs at the Baron’s Court Theatre alongside The Fantasy Terrorist Variations (read our review of that one here).

Courtesy of Milk Bottle Productions

Robert Crighton both writes and performs this monologue about ghosts (as well as running the box office!). He is a fine wordsmith and he has a very engaging conversational style. I particularly enjoyed the introductory discussion regarding ghost stories, the different kind of ghosts and the anecdotal references to his research into the subject. It’s a very well-written monologue, with plenty of interest, enthusiasm and contrast right from the off. There is lots of humour and the laughs come quite naturally and easily.

He then moves on to the ghost story itself, which I found a little disappointing – I was hoping for something intriguing, clever or disturbing, and what I got was a hamster! The story is actually quite a straightforward tale of an eight-year-old girl and her deceased pet. It is wellwritten, though, and the engaging style continues. Crighton is able to craft a good yarn and he certainly delivers an enjoyable performance. The story was a little naive, perhaps more suited to an older children’s audience than an evening in a pub theatre. It is a shame because the basement setting, all black and subterranean, lends itself perfectly to a darker tale.

That said, it was an enjoyable hour, and as the pub food is excellent in the Curtains Up I would recommend teaming this performance with a meal and making an evening of it.

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Ghost Storyteller runs at the Baron’s Court Theatre until 5th January 2013
Box Office: 0844 8700 887 or book online at http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/26431

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