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Singin’ in the Rain… in London!

We have yet more exciting news on the Musicals front to share with you all!

Following a hugely successful run at the Chichester Festival Theatre, the classic Hollywood musical Singin’ in the Rain will be playing in London’s Palace Theatre from 4th February 2012. It’s supposed to be excellent if you believe the mainstream reviews, all of which were 4 or 5 stars.

Obviously this is good news in it’s own right, but we’re also pleased that Priscilla has finally left London’s stage – nobody liked that stupid glittery shoe cluttering up Cambridge Circus!

Check out the trailer here:

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  • Anonymous

    So unfair! You never share my enthusiam for big musicals and now I see this!

  • Well… this is awkward….

  • This is the second time Adam Cooper has had a bash at playing Don Lockwood He was godawful at Sadlers Wells back in 2004. Ironically, for a piece about stars of a silent genre not being able to make it in “talkies” Cooper (from the silent genre of ballet) proved that he is incapable of making the transition into a genre which requires sound (musical theatre). Just like Fred Astaire, Cooper “can’t sing, can’t act, can dance a little”.

  • russells theatre reviews

    Believe me, he was feckin dreadful. Couldn’t be heard past the eighth row from the front and I’ve seen more animated planks. Ronnie Ancona walked all over him, literally and figuratively. A completely panache-less Don Lockwood. Gene Kelly (or even Tommy Steele) he werent